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Your Best Friend’s Best Friend

Her exuberant greeting at the end of a long day warms your heart and makes everything all right. His purring on your lap while you sip your morning coffee is your favorite sound on earth. They are much more than pets; for many of us they are our most loyal and attentive companions.

At Total Veterinary Care®, we know how much you love your best friends, and we want to make sure they are healthy and happy for the rest of their lives. From routine vaccinations to life-saving surgery, and everything in between, we will provide the highest quality care for your best friends for years to come.

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Dental Disease: What to Watch For

February 18, 2020

At Total Veterinary Care®, we believe you are your pet’s best oral health advocate! Problems with your furry friend’s mouth and teeth often lead to a variety of other problems. One 2018 study found that almost 90% of all canine patients had some degree of periodontal (mouth- or teeth-related) disease.…

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February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and it’s a great time to focus on the dental health of our pets.

February 12, 2020

Why Do Pets Need Dental Exams and Cleanings? At Total Veterinary Care®, a health check-up includes a thorough examination of your pet’s mouth, teeth and tissues.  Our doctors will ask about your pet’s nutrition, treats, chewing habits, and whether you brush your pet’s teeth. Creating an at-home oral hygiene routine…

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Diabetes and Senior Pets—Identification and Care

November 24, 2019

Although diabetes can occur in any pet, young or old, it is most common in older pets. The team at Total Veterinary Care® encourages you to seek our advice on early detection. And if your pet is diagnosed with diabetes, we can help you monitor and manage it in order…

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