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Jamie and Kuzo Small

Your Best Friend’s Best Friend

Her exuberant greeting at the end of a long day warms your heart and makes everything all right. His purring on your lap while you sip your morning coffee is your favorite sound on earth. They are much more than pets; for many of us they are our most loyal and attentive companions.

At Total Veterinary Care®, we know how much you love your best friends, and we want to make sure they are healthy and happy for the rest of their lives. From routine vaccinations to life-saving surgery, and everything in between, we will provide the highest quality care for your best friends for years to come.

Wellness Plans

Concerned your pet isn’t well, but worried about the costs? Our Total Care Wellness Plans can help!


Find the location nearest to you, look up contact information, and meet our chiefs of staff. 


To best care for your pet, we offer preventative services, critical care, and everything in between.


Check out our on-going and limited-time offers to find ways to save on your pet care costs.  

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