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It’s National Pet Wellness Month, and we have some great information to share about aging and wellness!  

Did you know that:

              • by age two, most cats and dogs are “adults”?  
              • “middle age” hits by the time they reach age four?   
              • by age seven, some of your canine best friends are “seniors”?  

This means that the aging process for cats and dogs happens about five to seven times faster than it happens in people.  So a veterinary visit once a year—or less—would be like going to your doctor or dentist only once in every five years or more!   

Given the pet aging process and time frame, we firmly believe that preventive care is crucial, and that twice-a-year wellness examinations for our furry friends can dramatically improve their health, quality of life, and longevity.   Semi-annual wellness visits are especially budget-friendly with our Total Care Wellness Plans



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