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Meet Katrina Prewett, Veterinary Assistant and Head Receptionist for the Kennesaw location of Total Veterinary Care. Katrina joined Total Veterinary Care in early 2018 and brings with her an impressive background in working with a large animal and livestock veterinarians and serving as a reproduction manager at a dairy farm. She has a Bachelor’s of Science from Berry College and is in the process of earning her Masters of Andrology and Embryology from Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Like most who work at Total Veterinary Care, Katrina has always had a lifelong love of animals. While others dote over their cats and dogs, she also dotes on a slightly larger animal – her cows. Katrina is the proud pet parent to Maybell, Hazel, Daisy and her daughter, Dollop. Her menagerie includes three horses named Step, Penny and Dixie, a border collie named Coal, a very spoiled Siamese/Snowshoe cat named Bella and 12 chickens.

The story of how her fur (and feathered) family grew so large is interesting. Recounts Katrina:

“When I started with my bachelor’s degree, I began working at a dairy on campus. This was the first time I ever touched a cow. At the end of our freshman year we were allowed to halter break one of the heifers and show her come fall. I choose #1421 (Hazel). We instantly grew attached and she would come running over when I called her because we used to take walks around the dairy so she could sample all of the trees. When she moved into the barn for milking, we grew even more attached. I would sit there and pet her between lineups as she waited in the holding pen to be milked. She grew to be a sassy little cow that seemed to only listen to me and enjoyed picking on the new people and being a general nuisance. As graduation approached I knew there was no way that I could leave without her so I spoke with my manager and he agreed to sell her to me. I suspect this was because I was the only one she listened to and she routinely got in trouble! I took her home during my last semester and she has thoroughly enjoyed retirement on my parent’s farm where her only responsibilities are walking to the house twice a day to get fed. She still enjoys tormenting my mother by knocking over her hay cart and swatting her with her tail when she walks past. She still runs to me when she is called to get her head scratches.”

We are thrilled to have Katrina as part of our team!



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