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How to Find the Best Vet for Your Pet

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Whether you’ve moved to a new area or have just brought home your first pet, finding the right vet for your pet can be a trying process. You don’t want to select just any ol’ doc that happens to be up the road. It’s vital to identify what is important to you in a veterinary hospital and ensure they are properly suited to care for your furry best friend. 

To help you in your quest to find the perfect vet, we’ve created a list that you can use to filter through the options:

  • The Smell One of the first things you’ll notice when visiting a vet clinic is the smell. Does it smell like an old, wet pet or does it smell clean and inviting? This goes deeper than just how pleasant it is to be in the office and indicates the cleanliness of the facility, giving you insight into the overall care they take of the environment and the animals for which they care.
  • Take a Tour While most vets won’t be able to do this as a drop-in (they are busy taking care of pets, after all), all vets should be willing to take you on a tour of the hospital upon request. Call them and set up a time to come by and let them show you not just the front end of the establishment, but behind-the-scenes as well.
  • The Equipment Does the equipment you see during your tour look modern and clean, taking advantage of digital advancements? Or does it seem like something from yesteryear that could use a thorough scrubbing? While you shouldn’t expect your clinic to have every new piece of equipment the moment it comes out, you should still expect an updated facility that takes good care of its equipment so that everything operates effectively.
  • Interactions Like a great people doc, a great vet is about more than just their expertise. You should feel welcomed when you step in and have great interactions with the front reception, the vet tech, the veterinarian and anyone else involved. They should each be willing to take the time to listen to your concerns and thoroughly explain, in layman’s terms, the situation and your care options.
  • Open to Questions The best vet clinics are those that are open to any questions you may have. Every pet parent has different philosophies and concerns on the proper care for their pet, and the right vet for you will be willing to hear and address all of these with compassion and without judgement. Keep in mind, though, that they have many years of training and experience to bring to the situation, so he or she may debunk the latest internet theory for you too. 
  • Ask Around As with any profession, one of the best ways to find a great veterinary hospital is to ask around and get referrals and opinions. If a number of people are uncomfortable recommending a particular location, it’s probably best to skip that one. If you find another that has people gushing all over them, then perhaps this is one you should investigate further.

At the end of the day, it sometimes boils down to an intangible feeling of what is right for you and your pet. In the meantime, these items can help you get started “vetting” the vets in your area and get you one step closer to finding the perfect doctor for your furry best friends.

Bonnie Ruszczyk

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