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Canine Influenza is on the Rise

Dogs and humans are, unfortunately, susceptible to a myriad of diseases and illnesses, though typically these are specific to each species. But did you know that dogs can get the flu just like humans? As strange as it sounds, it’s absolutely true. In fact, canine flu (also referred to as canine influenza or CIV) has…


Employee Spotlight: Steph!

Meet Steph Piascik, our veterinary receptionist at the Cicero, NY location of Total Veterinary Care. A graduate of Niagara University with a degree in Tourism and Special Events, Steph uses the skills she gleaned through her education to give all our patients the attention they need and support the activities of the hospital too. Steph…


The Importance of Pet Vaccinations Plus a Recommended Vaccine Schedule

It’s no secret how much you love your furry best friends. Not only do you buy them the best pet food and toys money can buy, you also let them have the best spots on the couch and in the bed, and are diligent about keeping their vaccinations up-to-date. Wait, you’re not certain if your…


Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day is August 22nd

Did you know that August 22nd is National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day? You do now! Promoted with #Cat2VetDay on social media (and referred to by some as “Take Your Cat to the Vet Day”), this date was established by the American Association of Feline Practitioners to bring attention to the importance of…


Preventative Pet Health Care – What to Expect at an Annual Checkup

Looking after the health and wellbeing of a pet is not entirely different from looking after the health and wellbeing of yourself. Preventative care, a routine checkup performed by a veterinarian, is the most effective method of stopping diseases before they occur or detecting them early before they can do any real damage. Taking your…

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 10.15.23 AM

Lean On Me: Celebrating International Assistance Dog Week

Our furry canine best friends help and support us in ways only other dog parents can understand. For those who have disabilities, visible and invisible alike, dogs can provide assistance that is not only medically therapeutic, it can be life-saving as well. To recognize and honor all the dogs that have helped, and even saved…


The Benefits of Microchipping

Unfortunately, all pets run the risk of becoming separated from their owners. Even when you take certain precautions, sometimes situations go beyond your control and the unexpected can happen. Next thing you know, you’re hanging up “Lost” posters on community bulletin boards and driving around for hours in search of your pet. To increase their…

JennyFeatured Employee Graphic

Employee Spotlight: Jenny!

At Total Veterinary Care®, we seek to fill our hospital teams with individuals who will uphold our core values of trustworthiness, professionalism, and quality care for the animals of our community. We think our team members are pretty amazing people, and we believe you will too when you hear their stories! We’ll be featuring a…

Concept annual molt, coat shedding, moulting dogs. Siberian husky lies on wooden floor in pile his fur. Husky dog black and white with blue eyes lies on bunchs wool on wooden floor. Top view.

Hair of the Dog (and Cat): What You Should Know About Pet Shedding

Not a big fan of the hair your pet leaves behind on your clothes and furniture? You’re not alone. Every year millions of dollars and hours are spent trying to prevent shedding or clean up after it. If you’re looking for the secret to keeping your animal from shedding, then I have some bad news…


Tips for Pet Fire Safety Plus a Free Emergency Alert Window Cling

  Show of hands: Who here has had something knocked over by the tail of an overly excited dog, or had to purchase a new power cord because your cat decided she just had to chew through it? It’s a pretty safe bet many of you have experienced these or similar scenarios courtesy of your four-legged…