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Nothing can brighten a day quite like a puppy can. Even the dourest of moods is lightened when a puppy is introduced. Given this, shouldn’t everyday be National Puppy Day? Now in its 13th year, #NationalPuppyDay, celebrated on March 23rd this year, was established to bring awareness to all the puppies in shelters across the U.S. that need good homes.

We encourage everyone considering bringing home a new furry family member to visit your local shelter. From the smallest teacup Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane, all puppies deserve a loving forever home to call their own. We’ve pulled together some tips to help you along as if you are thinking about introducing a puppy to their new surroundings.

Be Sure You’re Ready: As we’ve established, puppies can make everything seem great! However, they are still living animals that have needs. You have to be in a position to take proper care of them – you can’t just bring one home because they’re cute and think that’s enough! Think about the time and energy it takes to care for a puppy and be certain you’re ready to adopt.

Potty Training: Like human babies, fur babies will need to be potty trained, and you should expect accidents in the beginning. But have patience, they’ll figure it out with proper guidance. Whether you crate train, paper train or use another method, the key is consistency. The American Kennel Club has put together a comprehensive doggy potty training guide that is sure to help you train your new puppy.

Introducing a New Puppy: We recently wrote a post on best ways to introduce your new pet. In it, we discuss how to introduce them to the new house, to other pets and to children. Whenever a new puppy is brought into the home, it’s important to plan how they will be introduced to their new environment and any other family members. By planning ahead, you can help prevent unfortunate introduction mishaps.

Set up a New Pet Appointment With Your Vet: Anytime you bring home a new puppy, one of the very first things you should do is find a veterinarian and set up a new pet appointment. These appointments allow your vet to check out the new puppy to ensure it is in good health and establish a time table for vaccinations and spaying/neutering. Your vet can also provide insights into the breed you’ve adopted and make recommendations for feeding and caring for your new pup.

It goes without saying that puppies are wonderful little creatures. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating #NationalPuppyDay by sharing photos of the puppies and telling us how they’ve changed your life for the better!

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