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Concept annual molt, coat shedding, moulting dogs. Siberian husky lies on wooden floor in pile his fur. Husky dog black and white with blue eyes lies on bunchs wool on wooden floor. Top view.

Hair of the Dog (and Cat): What You Should Know About Pet Shedding

Not a big fan of the hair your pet leaves behind on your clothes and furniture? You’re not alone. Every year millions of dollars and hours are spent trying to prevent shedding or clean up after it. If you’re looking for the secret to keeping your animal from shedding, then I have some bad news…


Protecting Your Pets from Fleas and Ticks

The summer months bring temperate weather, longer days, and many opportunities for adventure. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when outbreaks of external parasites, namely fleas and ticks, are most prevalent. In order to prepare, there are certain precautions which every pet-parent should take. FLEAS Best recognized as dark brown, sesame seed shaped…


Why Dental Health Is Important for Your Pet

As much as we love getting kisses from our pets, no one especially enjoys getting a whiff of Fluffy’s bad breath. What many do not realize however, is that there are more serious health implications due to this bad breath than simply being unpleasant to be around. Dental health is a crucial part of your…


Healthy Balanced Diets

It is a universally known fact that pets require good nutrition to live long, happy lives. A more elusive fact, however, is how often and what specifically we should feed our pets. Perhaps the biggest issue here is the fact there is as big a variance in types of foods as there are types of…


Heartworm Disease Prevention

It is a common opinion among most individuals that the worst part of summer is the prevalence of mosquitoes—they’re annoying, they make you itch, they ruin camping trips and long nights under the stars. What is perhaps less commonly known, however, is that mosquito season can pose a serious threat to your cats and dogs.…