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Please meet Cherie Grant, a veterinary assistant with Total Veterinary Care at our Kennesaw, Georgia clinic. In her role, Cherie assists with visits and procedures and provides general support to pet parents. In prior roles, she has worked as a lab tech in urinalysis and hematology, cross-trained in chemistry and serology, and was an animal care specialist with PAWS Atlanta. She earned her B.S. in Biology, with a minor in Spanish, from the University of West Georgia.

“My favorite thing about TVC is the personal, family-like atmosphere. Not only can clients be with their pets while they are being examined, but the procedures are set up to make everyone feel welcomed. Just as important, the cleanliness and openness of the clinic is definitely a win-win.”

Originally from Jamaica, Cherie grew up surrounded by animals and developed a love and passion for them early on. “We had eight dogs and about 30 chickens. Animals were a part of my daily life, a part of the family. As I got older, I started watching dog competitions and Animal Planet all the time. I wanted to know all I could so that I could care for animals.”

She’s owned just about every species of animal you can imagine, from rodents to reptiles and everything in between. Currently, she is the proud momma to an American Pitbull Terrier named Thor that she adopted from a shelter on Thanksgiving of 2015. She is also the rescue momma of a stray kitten she found wandering the streets of New York, a small Persian she named Snowflurry (Flurry for short).

Thanks to her Jamaican heritage, Cherie can brag that she can speak Jamaican Patois. On top of that, she can also speak Spanish, so she’s a triple threat in the language department! Some other special talents that Cherie possesses includes being a writer (she writes poetry and stories often) and a jewelry artisan, crafting her own pieces from crystals and copper wire. When not at the clinic, she loves being outdoors and enjoying nature through hiking, kayaking and camping. “No one would suspect this about me, but I can sit in absolute silence by a stream, listening to the water flow or wind blow in the trees and feel completely at home.”

Bonnie Ruszczyk

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