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Last Saturday, Total Veterinary Care® joined the Grove City community of Ohio in a day of celebrating healthy living and sustainability. The Grove City EcoFest brought together people and businesses who care about healthier lifestyles and greener business practices to enjoy live entertainment, demonstrations and natural-living products in Grove City’s “green” park featuring solar lighting and equipment made from recycled plastic.

We were given a spot in the Health & Wellness Zone, and took the opportunity to share how owning a pet can actually be beneficial to your health – Pet owners seem to have improved mental health from the companionship offered by their furry friends, and dog owners especially tend to lead more active lifestyles as a result of walking their canine companions.

Our vet techs, Kaylyn and Sam, enjoyed meeting all the awesome people who visited our tent. Thank you to everyone who stopped by! They received very positive feedback from everyone and a lot of great questions. For those of you who didn’t get the chance to attend, here are some of the FAQ’s from the day:


Where is Total Veterinary Care® in the Columbus/Grove City, Ohio area?

Tlocated just off the highway on London-Groveport Rd, right across from the Meijers Supercenter and just down the road from Interstate 71.

Is Total Veterinary Care® just a spay/neuter clinic or do they do more?

As our name implies, we are a full service pet hospital that offers the total care your pet needs. We offer everything from preventative care such as immunizations, dental care, and pest control, to emergency services, surgery, diagnostics, and much more. For a complete list of our services, feel free to call us or check out our website: 614.782.8061 |®

What types of animals does Total Veterinary Care® offer services for?

We primarily serve cats and dogs, but we will do what we can to put you in touch with providers for more exotic species.

What are Total Care Wellness Plans®?

Our wellness plans are preventative care programs designed make the services your pet needs affordable so they can live longer, healthier lives without straining your wallet. We offer different plans for adult dogs and cats as well as for puppies and kittens less than 6 months of age. An affordable monthly fee covers unlimited office visits, 2 comprehensive physical exams each year, vaccines, deworming, routine lab tests as well as dental care and even spay/neuter surgeries for the young pets. Your pets will also receive discounts on all other services that we provide. Total Care Wellness Plans®will ensure that the four legged members of your family will receive the highest quality veterinary care at an affordable price.

Thank you again to everyone who came by our tent! And thank you to the Town of Grove City from putting together such an amazing event and allowing us to be a part of it!



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