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At Total Veterinary Care®, we seek to fill our hospital teams with individuals who will uphold our core values of trustworthiness, professionalism, and quality care for the animals of our community. We think our team members are pretty amazing people, and we believe you will too when you hear their stories! We’ll be featuring a different employee every month on our blog to share about the amazing people we have caring for your furry companions.

Meet Jenny, the Practice Manager and Receptionist for the Buford, Georgia Total Veterinary Care clinic.

With a passion for helping others and over 15 years of experience in employee management and customer service, it’s no wonder Jenny is such a welcome presence for pet patients and their parents. “I always knew I should work in an environment where I can help animals and their owners,” says Jenny. “I’ve had a passion for animals since before I could walk. Growing up, my family had the opportunity to have lots of animals, and I built bonds with each furry friend.”

Not only does Jenny care for the pet patients of TVC, she has her own crew at home; she is the proud mom to three dogs. The oldest is a crazy black Lab named Booger, who thinks he’s still a puppy. He was originally part of an “oopsie litter” that was on its way to the pound when Jenny intervened. The middle pup is a Westie named Lucy. She acts as the hall monitor of the group. She is very bossy and has no problem letting each dog know when they are out of line. In fact, Lucy’s favorite activity is barking at animals on TV. Lucy was rescued from a puppy mill just before being adopted by Jenny. The baby of the group is Dash, a Fawn Doberman described as a snuggle monster and quiet instigator who loves to play and chase! He was rescued from a home where the family was getting divorced and neither party wanted any of their fourDobermans so they just abandoned them on the property, resulting in some lasting neurological effects for Dash. However, he is now a happy boy at his new home and is the most affectionate dog.

Given the number of animals she’s been around, it’s a safe bet Jenny’s witnessed some very silly and interesting things. When asked about a favorite memory, she recounts: “When Booger was about 10 weeks old, we used a baby gate to block off an area for him to stay while we were away. The only way in or out of the area was through that gate. Even when he was alone for less than an hour, we’d come back to find him running around the room, leaving a trail of half-eaten remotes, destroyed corners of drywall and chewed-up priceless autographed baseballs in his wake. My husband and I were stumped as to how this tiny puppy could possibly be escaping, as there were no obvious signs. One day I pretended to leave and hid behind a door. It turns out our dog was part koala bear and would climb the gate, get his big puppy belly stuck on the top, whine about being stuck, hang on it for a few minutes and then flop himself to the other side. He was so proud of himself once he was back up on all four paws. I still cannot believe what an escape artist he was!”

Along with a passion for helping others and inspiring smiles, Jenny loves to indulge in books and movies, relax on the porch with her husband and dogs, and brunch with her best friends.



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