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At the onset of the holiday season, we created a post around travelling with your pet. In it, we detailed several tips for car travel, air travel and boarding. With summer now here, we know many of you will be setting out for some fun in the sun with your pets and we want you to be well-prepared for travelling during the summer months.

Keep Your Pet Well-Hydrated

We have the luxury of being able to take a bottle of our favorite beverage with us during long trips, sipping whenever we feel parched. Our pets don’t have this same luxury. If you are traveling by car, make a point to stop often and always have water on hand to give your pet the opportunity to not only stretch their legs but to rehydrate.

Plan a Trip to the Groomer

Depending on your pet and its breed, a good trim may be a great idea before you set off. Not only can it help keep your pet cooler in the heat, it can help prevent matting or the collection of ticks, fleas or burs for longer-haired pets should your journeys be outdoorsy. Consult with a professional groomer first, though, if your pet should be trimmed and how much, as fur helps cool some breeds and acts as a first line of defense against the sun.

Pay Attention to Pet Embargoes

While we don’t recommend flying with your pets, in some cases it can’t be avoided. If you have a smaller pet who can fit in a carrier that will go under the seat, that is preferred to having them fly in cargo. If flying in cargo is the only option, keep in mind that during the very hot summer months, many airlines have pet embargoes where they will not allow pets in the cargo area.This is for their health and safety, but it can also throw a monkey wrench in your travel if you don’t take this into consideration when planning your trip. Before you get too far into your planning, be sure to contact your airline to find out if they have a pet embargo and what options you have.

Use a Larger Crate

We all know what it’s like to be cramped up in a car or in an airline seat for several hours. There’s nothing better than stretching out your legs when you get out! Your pets don’t want to be cramped either. While one size of crate may be fine for a short trip to the vet, it doesn’t cut it when taking longer trips. Not only can it cramp your pet, but during the summer, it can cause them to overheat. Invest in a crate that is at least one size larger than is normal so that there is room for your pet to stretch and it allows for more ventilation and airflow.

Additionally, here are a few other things to consider:

  • Always make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. And tell your vet your travel plans so they can recommend any additional medications that you may need.
  • If someone is watching your pets for you while you vacation, always leave your vet’s information with them in case of emergency or unexpected illness.
  • NEVER leave your pets in a hot car, even for a few minutes.

Now that you’ve brushed up on travelling safely with your pets in the summer, you’re ready to strike out for adventure!


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