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This month’s employee spotlight features Shannon Whelpton. Shannon is a vet assistant with Total Veterinary Clinic in Cicero, New York where she serves the patients of the hospital with enthusiasm and compassion.

Shannon thrives on educating pet parents on how to provide the best care for their pets. She also loves assisting with surgery, from prepping to recovery and reuniting patients with their families afterward. She is currently enrolled in a vet tech program, continuing her veterinary education so she can do even more for her furry charges. “Animals can’t tell you when something hurts or where it hurts. I want to find out what’s ailing them and help make them better.”

A lover of animals, she has her own menagerie of furry friends at home, two cats, Abigail and Grim and a lab mix, Hazel. A very energetic Hazel was brought into a clinic where she used to work to be euthanized at less than a year old. “I couldn’t let her get put down, so I adopted her!” Abigail was her husband’s cat who got a new mom when Shannon got married. Grim was found on a farm, frozen to a snow bank. He was roughly nine weeks old and was brought in to her a vet clinic where she worked previously. “I noticed he wasn’t getting any better when in the kennel, so I took him home to foster him until he was well enough to adopt. When I brought home this one-pound ball of fluff, my husband and Hazel instantly in love with Grim. Needless to say, it was a ‘foster fail,’ and Grim became a permanent part of our family.”

When not assisting pet patients and their families at Total Veterinary Care, Shannon can be found outdoors hiking, paddle boarding and kayaking. She loves spending as much time as she can with her family and with her ministry, which is very important to her.


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