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It’s not as though we lovers of animals really need a month to remind us that our pets are awesome. Nonetheless, May is designated National Pet Month to promote the many benefits of pet ownership. But in addition to the warm fuzzies and cuddles we get from our furry best friends, there are actually a lot of benefits of having a pet in your home.

Pets Provide Companionship

When there is an animal in the home, you’re never alone. Animals provide unconditional love and support to their owners. In times of turmoil or sadness, we know we can turn to our animal friends for a shoulder to cry on or an ear to bend.

They Teach Children Compassion

According to studies, having a pet teaches children empathy. Having another living creature to care for improves emotional intelligence (EQ), which is just as important as IQ in determining how successful a child will be in school and beyond.

They Teach Children Responsibility

Having a pet to care for teaches young children lessons in responsibility. Simply caring for their pets by doing routine tasks like feeding, exercising, cleaning and more encourage them to care for others. These routine chores translate across other general tasks, helping kids grow up to be more responsible adults.

Animals Benefit Your Physical Health

You’ve probably heard this before, but it bears repeating: There are many health benefits to having a pet. Studies have shown that having a pet lowers blood pressure and your cholesterol, which is great for your heart. Not to mention the fact that pet owners are typically more active with their pets, which can help with your weight and heart. Additionally, believe it or not, having a pet early in life helps to ward off the development of allergies.

Animals Benefit Your Mental Health

Along with being great for your physical health, pets can improve your mental health. You probably don’t need a professional to tell you that having an animal around improves your mood, but science has shownthat animals help relieve stress, reduce anxiety, help those with PTSD, provide therapy for Alzheimer’s patients and more.

As you can see, having a pet brings many benefits. To celebrate National Pet Month, Total Veterinary Care clinics are offering a free initial exam to anyone who adopts a shelter pet in the month of May. Just schedule an appointment within 14 days of adoption and we’ll help you get started taking care of your new fur-ever best friend!


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