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Life can sometimes be boring if you work in a cubicle. But on Friday, June 21, you have an opportunity to make your workplace a little perkier with the addition of some furry friends thanks to Take Your Dog to Work Day. Hopefully you have a work environment that will allow you to bring in your pup, or if you don’t have one, allow others to bring in theirs to celebrate the day. If not, never fear, your social media feed will likely be filled with plenty of furry faces to help you through the day.

Take Your Dog to Work Day originally began in 1999 through the group Pet Sitters International. It was created to celebrate what great companions dogs make and to encourage people to adopt. Since then, the event has grown in participation with millions of people around the world participating by bringing their four-legged friends to work.

Over the years, more and more companies have recognized the benefit of allowing pets in the office. In fact, nine percent of U.S. companies now regularly allow pets in the office.While this number may seem small, in reality it’s a progressive step toward more and more companies taking the first step to allowing pets.

If your company is considering allowing pets into the office, we suggest they look to those already doing so successfully for some pointers. Companies like Amazon, Etsy, Hubspot and more allow not only dogsbut also cats, birds, lizards, you name it! If your pet helps you work more effectively and efficiently, these companies encourage you to bring them in.

In the event you are able to bring in your pet, we have a few tips for you courtesy of Pet Sitters International:

  • Check with your coworkers.While they may find your pet lovely in photos, if they are allergic, the real thing won’t be quite as welcome. Some people are even afraid of animals, particularly if you have a large one, so always double check first.
  • Pet-proof your space.Remove the snacks from the desk, put away small objects that could be choking hazards and secure any cables and cords.
  • Be sure your pet is fit for the office.If you have a nervous Nellie puppy that barks frequently, that’s not really conducive to a productive work environment. Make certain your pet pal is ready to be in one spot most of the day and won’t cause a ruckus.
  • Pack a pet-friendly bag.Include treats, their regular food, a water bowl, a blanket to lay on, quiet toys and anything else that will help ease your pet into their new environment.
  • Plan out your pet’s day.Be certain your schedule allows for proper feeding times and taking the dog on a walk to relieve themselves and stretch a bit.
  • Don’t force your pet on your coworkers.Even if your cubemates say they’re okay with you having a dog in the office, that doesn’t mean they want the dog in their immediate space. Once again, double check what everyone is comfortable with and don’t force interactions.
  • Have a back-up plan.In case you do everything else properly and your dog still isn’t comfortable being at the office, be ready to take your pet home or to call your regular pet sitter to help you out.

If you’re considering taking your pet to the office, be certain all their shots are up-to-date and they are healthy enough to be around other animals. Give us a call and schedule a wellness check today and be ready to introduce your company to its newest Chief Canine Officer.


Bonnie Ruszczyk

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