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At Total Veterinary Care, we strive to employ only those people who exemplify the characteristics that we hold dear.  A few of those are compassion, doing one’s best work every day, and loyalty. We think our team members are pretty amazing people, and we believe you will too when you hear their stories! We’ll be featuring a different employee periodically on our blog to share with you about the amazing people we have caring for your furry companions.

Meet Concetta, “Cetta”, Overend, this month’s featured team member. She is a Veterinary Technician at our Cicero, New York location.

Cetta earned a B.A. from State University of New York (SUNY) Oswego and an Associate of Applied Science degree from Medaille College for Veterinary Technician. She originally grew up in the north country, but moved to Auburn, NY in 2009. She’s been married for almost nine years, and has one 7 year old son and one 23 year old step son.

Before Cetta began helping us here at our Cicero, NY hospital, she helped Dr. Laxen care for and provide treatment for the animals at the Central New York SPCA for several months.

Her love of animals is evident at home as well as at work as she has 3 cats, all of whom she rescued.  First is Emmett, her 5 year old cat whom she rescued from a garbage dumpster when he was just a kitten.  Next is Dusty, whom she saved from being euthanized when his former owners could not afford the treatment he needed to live. And finally, there is Ashanti, a stray cat that showed up on her back porch a year ago and whom she took into her care immediately. Cetta has a big heart and this is evident by her willingness to rescue, care for and love those animals others abandoned.

Cetta’s favorite part of her job is the dentistry work she does as a Veterinary Technician. Her love and compassion for animals led her to seek a career change, and we are fortunate she chose to come and work with us. Concetta’s dedication to caring for animals is why we are happy to call her part of the Total Veterinary Care team!



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